Teutoburger World Tandem   

Welcome to the Bielefeld University Teutoburger World Tandem Program, a place where students, staff and international guests of the University and FH can come to find a language tandem partner. All you have to do is fill out the registration form and simply wait for us to contact you when we have found a partner that suits you. You can see in the list on this page some of the tandems which are already potentially available. If the language pairing you are looking for is not listed, please do not hesitate to sign up; in time, a match could still be found.

In addition to matching tandem partners, we also provide you with a number of tips to help you have a better tandem experience. Furthermore, if you are curious about tandems but not quite sure what is involved in a tandem or how it works, we encourage you to read the All About Tandem section and to have a look at the Tandem FAQ. We have team members who are also always available during the FSZ open lab hours in room C01-280 for face to face questions.

The project is run as a service of the University community and is a university-wide cooperative effort between a number of University partners. For a list of the Uni partners please go here.

Once again, welcome to our program. We have high hopes that our efforts combined with your participation, enthusiasm and willingness to improve your language skills will lead to successful improvement of the second language skills and cultural understanding at the University on a whole. Please browse through and have a look at our website. If you still have any questions feel free to contact us at twtandem@uni-bielefeld.de.